Center for Graduate Life Mission Statement

The Center for Graduate Life (CGL) provides graduate students with centralized space dedicated to their needs. The CGL will create a stronger graduate community by promoting shared experiences, discourse and activities designed to support interdisciplinary learning. The CGL's unique environment will enhance the growing graduate community at UNC Charlotte with professional development offerings, mentoring support, teaching assistant training and personal development programs. The Center for Graduate Life is a collaborative effort between the Graduate School and Academic Affairs.

The Graduate School Mission Statement

The Graduate School’s role is to foster excellence in all dimensions of post baccalaureate studies and is the primary advocate for graduate education and for graduate students at the University. Graduate education functions to explore and advance the limits of knowledge and define the state of the art in an academic discipline. Our purpose is to serve society’s needs in specific technical and professional ways as well as the need for intellectual expansion. In accomplishing this mission, the Graduate School values integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does.


The Graduate School promotes and supports equity and excellence in graduate education.  In realizing this, the Graduate School values diversity through recruitment, enrollment, and hiring practices  Through the Center for Graduate Life, we seek to advance resources that are inclusive and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.  Emphasis is on providing supportive, educational, and self-exploratory endeavors that enrich the academic experience while nurturing diversity and the uniqueness of individuals.

To that end, the CGL has compiled resources to engage our graduate student community.  UNC Charlotte supports diversity of the graduate student community with resources both on our campus, and at other institutions nationwide.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) - A Commitment to Diversity

    CLAS provides resources related to diversity including plans and reports, diversity events, and campus diversity resources. CLAS is one example of the diversity efforts that each of the colleges at UNC Charlotte engages in. You are encouraged to view each college’s webpage for their diversity initiatives.

Division of Academic Affairs

    The Division of Academic Affairs promotes diversity through development,  promotion, and funding of initiatives including, but not limited to the:

Division of Student Affairs

    The Division of Student Affairs promotes diversity through support and activities to assist all students throughout their educational pursuits.

  • Counseling Center

    • Outreach and Educational Programs for our diverse population.

  • Campus Events

    • Events for all students vary from multicultural/diversity to graduate student, research and speakers/lectures.

  • Latino Student Services

  • Multicultural Resources Center

    • Provides resources and services to foster campus community and promote student involvement.

  • Religious and Spiritual Life

    • Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL), a sub unit of the Multicultural Resource Center, serves as a liaison for faith related matters within the University community.

  • Sex & Gender Diversity

    • The university offers various programming and resources for outreach, education, and advocacy to create a safe and inclusive environment that affirms students of various genders, sexes, and sexualities.

  • Student Organizations at UNC Charlotte

    • Provides a vast array of student organizations ranging from sports, fraternity, sorority, professional, and religious groups.  Search the Registered Student Organizations Directory.  Including but not limited to:         

      • Asian Student Association
      • Black Student Union
      • Caribbean Connection
      • Hispanic College Awareness Program
      • National Association of Black Accountants
      • National Society of Black Engineers
      • Organization of African Students
      • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
      • United Black Professionals
      • Association for Computing Machinery - Women
      • Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting

External Resources

Diversity in the News