Doctoral Regalia

UNC Charlotte's doctoral regalia

Doctoral candidates can choose to wear either the basic black doctoral cap and gown (regalia) paid for by their student fees, or custom regalia which can be ordered through the Bookstore by contacting Linda Burke at Examples of each gown are pictured below. 

All candidates receive their doctoral hoods on stage by the Dean of the Graduate School and their accompanying advisor. Your student fees also cover the cost of the hood, which is green and white satin with blue velveteen trim. 

Important:  If you choose to order the more plush custom hood, email Linda Burke for that as well. Once you obtain it from the Bookstore, be sure to provide it (properly labeled) to the Center for Graduate Life in the Cone University Center, 268.. The CGL obtains all other hoods through the Bookstore. Questions? Email

Standard regaliaThe University's Commencement Fair is held each semester a couple months prior to the University's Commencement Ceremonies. Custom regalia