Letter from the Dean

Welcome to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte! Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Tom Reynolds

Your decision to begin graduate studies is an important one. We know that education correlates with higher incomes over a lifetime. In addition, you will be challenged intellectually and will be pushed to expand your comfort zone academically and professionally. The Graduate School will be here to support your professional development and personal well-being, as well as assistance with the administrative requirements of graduate studies.

The Graduate School sponsors an orientation workshop designed to introduce you to the university as well as to the administrative services and social opportunities available to students.  If you will hold an assistantship in the upcoming semester, please be sure to review the assistantship information in our Assistantships & Employment web page.

If you have additional questions, please contact the staff in the Graduate School or send us an email at gradprofdevel@uncc.edu.

We wish you every success in your graduate studies. Again, welcome to UNC Charlotte.

Dr. Tom L. Reynolds
Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School