Virtual Training

Some of the CGL's best and brightest workshops are brought to you on-line via UNC Charlotte's You Tube channel.  Enjoy these at your convenience and share with others.  If you have additional ideas for on-line workshops, please let us know by contacting our Coordinator of Professional Development Coren O'Hara.

Professional Networking at Academic Conferences and Business Meetings

Dr. Anita Blanchard presents an engaging workshop on best practices for successful networking at any professional meeting and/or academic conference. Watch at: 

Becoming a More Confident Public Speaker

This workshop presentation addresses how to use nonverbal communication strategies to minimize anxiety, develop effective presentation skills and build a better connection with an audience.  Watch at

Developing Your Teaching Portfolio

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Policy, Adult and Higher Education, NC State University discusses how to develop a strong teaching portfolio.  It's never too early to start and never to late to update.  Watch at

Graduate Writing Discussion

Conventions of writing in the United States.  Hosted by Debarati Dutta of the University's Writing Resource Center, this outstanding panel of graduate faculty offer tips, ideas and motivation to graduate students who want to fine tune their writing.  Whether a first year paper or dissertation chapter, writing is a key to success in graduate school.  Watch at

How to Write a Strong CV and Create a Strong Job Application Package

Dr. Anita Blanchard provides an overview of how to write a strong curriculum vitae and prepare a job application package.  Watch at

Mahara:  A Grad's Guide to ePortfolios

Jessica Kapota, MA History graduate student and GA to the Center for Teaching and Learning, guides you through establishing your portfiolio online.  Watch at

Networking 101:  How To Fit Into the Professional Puzzle

Learn the basics of networking from Dr. Maria Papanikolaou in this Center for Graduate Life workshop.  Watch at

Speed Reading - A Tool for Grad School and Beyond

Learn how to improve your reading speed and retention with these tips from Justin Case of the University Center for Academic Excellence.  Several techniques are taught.  Watch at