About Us

A part of the Graduate School at UNC Charlotte, the Center for Graduate Life (CGL) is a friendly,
welcoming place where graduate students and postdoctoral fellows come to polish professional and
personal skills, find a quiet spot for study, connect with others, or just relax. It is located in Cone
University Center 268, next to Main Street Market which offers a variety of convenient dining choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe environment where graduate students and postdoctoral
fellows can network and get personal and professional support and development to enhance career

Our services and programming focus on helping students refine and strengthen five core competencies
proven to enhance chances for success beyond graduation:

  • Communication: Communicating with clarity and persuasion through scholarly and peer reviewed publications, grant writing, public speaking, group discussions and interpersonal relationships.
  • Leadership: Through sponsored events and student organizations such as the Graduate Life Fellows, the CGL provides many opportunities to develop the ability to mentor, motivate, inspire, and lead – and do it ethically.
  • Teaching: Understanding how to help others learn in a variety of settings is a priceless life skill.  Students learn how to address the challenges of non-traditional and inclusive settings and create dynamic learning in any environment using the latest instructional methods and technologies.
  • Cultural Engagement: Employers in today’s increasingly global market seek employees who possess the intercultural fluency to accomplish more with diverse teams. Through the CGL’s programs and courses, students learn valuable skills that will help ensure their success.
  • Ethics and Scholarly Inquiry: Becoming an effective researcher requires the right tools, the right processes and a rigorous attention to ethics. Through the CGL, students learn to apply software tools in research and acquire skills that reflect commitment to diverse ideas, academic collegiality, and continuous learning.