Certificate in Workplace Competencies

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Competencies is designed for graduate students across all disciplines to enhance fundamental professional skills such as written and verbal communication, presentation-building, managing new initiatives, and working in diverse teams.

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Certificate Requirements

The certificate program requires the completion of 12 credit hours including 6 credit hours of required core courses and 6 credit hours of electives.

Core Courses

Grad 6340 - Data Analysis and Presentation for Impact (2 credit hours)
GRAD 6320 - Career Lab: Developing Core Career Competencies (2 credit hours)
GRAD 6050 - Intrapreneurship for Non-Business Majors (2 credit hours)

Elective Courses

Select from the following:
ENGL 6116 Technical/Professional Writing (3 credit hours)
GRAD 6330 Workplace Communications (2 credit hours)
MBAD 6161 Human Behavior in Organizations (3 credit hours)
MBAD 6165 Negotiation and Conflict Management (3 credit hours)
MBAD 6279 Design Thinking and Innovation (3 credit hours)

Link to the Graduate Catalog for detailed information on this Certificate.