Community Involvement

  • Affinity Lunch Series:  Each month, join us for an hour of casual conversation and networking organized around particular affinity groups. We will align the lunches with the month celebrations that take place throughout the year. The main goal of the Affinity Lunch Series is to increase your connections and provide for networking opportunities. We also want to hear from you to helps us identify the challenges that your community is facing in graduate education at UNCC.
  • Friendly Peer Training - The Friendly Peer Training Program provides introductory information about the queer and trans community. The goal is for students to walk away with a better understanding of the queer and trans population, find resources on campus for queer and trans students, and ultimately learn ways to be a better, more friendly peer. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. 
  • Center for Wellness Promotion - The Center for Wellness Promotion offers graduate assistantships, internships, and volunteer opportunities for students to get involved in wellness promotion initiatives.
  • Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement (IEE) - IEE offers students the opportunity to volunteer for several events including but not limited to the annual MLK Program, Poverty Simulation, and Heritage Month events.
  • Student Organizations - There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing your time and talents, as well as having fun. Niner Engage allows you to sort various organizations to find one that fits your interests. 

Campus Spaces

Lavender Lounge - Located in Cone 172, the Lavender Lounge is a student-centered space that is open to LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. A blend of the traditionally gender-identified colors pink and blue, the color lavender blurs the lines and challenges gender norms. The lounge is a place where students can be their authentic selves; a space where they don’t have to worry about the world's norms.



Veterans Student Lounge - Located in Barnard 108, the recently renovated lounge provides a safe space for UNC Charlotte veteran students to gather to study, relax, and participate in group discussions. 




Peace Haven - Peace Haven is located in Cone 366 and is the first designated meditation and reflection space.  This space started as a student-driven initiative, led by Interfaith Niners, a combination of student organizations, including the Muslim Student Association.  Peace Haven is a space where students are allowed to pray, meditate and use for spiritual purposes. 



All Gender Bathrooms - If you see an “All Gender Restroom” sign, it means the restroom is a single-stall restroom that is for use by anyone on campus, across gender identity, and can be locked to prevent anyone else from entering. Some of these restrooms also have a changing station for individuals caring for infants and children. The presence of a changing station is denoted by an additional sign. Find a complete list of accessible all gender bathrooms here