Leadership Development

Leadership is so much more than managing people.  It is the quality in individuals that inspires others, makes people feel important, confident and helps them find the motivation needed to succeed.

The CGL frequently hosts programs aimed at boosting leadership skills and helping you identify and strengthen your leadership style.  Check the Calendar for upcoming events.

Serving as ambassadors for the CGL, Graduate Life Fellows (GLFs) and Graduate Life Ambassadors (GLAs) learn valuable leadership and networking skills that contribute to life-long success.  Visit About Us to learn more about GLFs and to get involved.

CGL GRAD Courses 

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GRAD 6000/8000. Leadership Essentials (2 credits)

 Learn the strong leadership skills you will need to successfully recruit for and land professional career roles. Leadership Essentials will help you assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal leadership plan. The course will help students improve all aspects of their communication and learn how to cultivate collaborative relationships that foster trust, commitment, and coordination. The course will also cover how to recognize various styles of thinking and emotional behavior.