Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) Graduate & Professional Student Government  provides you with many opportunities to serve in leadership roles and to make an impact on graduate education at UNCC. GPSG serves as the primary representative body of graduate and professional students at UNC Charlotte. The organization is designed to meet the academic, social, and logistical needs of the graduate and professional student body, totaling more than 5,400 students, and all the registered Graduate Student Organizations.

Graduate Life Fellows (GLFs) - The CGL provides a leadership opportunity for Graduate Life Fellows (GLFs) and Graduate Life Ambassadors (GLAs) who serve as ambassadors for the CGL while learning valuable leadership and networking skills that contribute to life-long success. Visit About Us to learn more about GLFs and to get involved.

Student Organizations - Lead within the UNCC community by creating a new organization or getting involved in an active organization's leadership. Visit the student organizations page to view a listing of graduate organizations.