Professional Science Master’s students already have an advantage because the unique blend of core courses and “PLUS” courses however, the following resources can help PSM students climb to the next level.  From these resources, you will learn the benefits of the PSM from real graduates and industry leaders and how to use your knowledge ethically and purposefully.  In addition, the Center for Graduate Life offers workshops targeted to PSM students to further hone the skills developed in the classroom.  With coursework, “PLUS” classes, and these resources, PSM students will have the tools they need to fully take advantage of their career opportunities.

Professionalism and the Responsible Conduct of Research, GRAD 6002/8002
Developed in collaboration with the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Department of Philosophy, this course is intended for doctoral students in STEM disciplines, but is recommended for graduate students in any discipline.  This 2-credit course deals with the NINE areas outlined in the NIH Responsible Conduct of Research training.

What is a Professional Science Master’s?

Hear from PSM graduates about the benefits of a PMS degree.

PSMs in North Carolina

Check out all the PSM opportunities across the state of North Carolina.


The Center for Graduate Life offers great workshops throughout the year to help PSM students expand the learning developed within assigned course work.  These short workshops will give you useful insights and skills that will make you stand out from the rest.  View PSM workshops.

PSM in the News

Graduates from PSM programs are making real changes in the world.  Check out these news stories!

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Whether working in research or in the applied industry, ethics and safety are inherently important.  Be sure all your endeavors follow proper standards and code of ethics and integrity.

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