Courses & Workshops for Future Faculty

Be sure to check out GRAD 6011/8011 Teaching at American Colleges and Universities: Perspectives for International Students. Read More

Teaching at the College or University Level

As part of the Graduate Teaching Initiative, this course is specifically designed to meet the needs of graduate students who are teaching or plan to teach at the university level.  Students will practice model teaching and receive critical feedback. They will leave the course equipped with tangible tools -- a syllabus for a future class, lecture experience, and a teaching philosophy statement -- to prepare for the highly competitive job market.  Register at

Graduate Teaching Workshops

Plan to attend any of our Graduate Teaching Workshops specifically designed for graduate students who teach or students interested in college teaching as a career.  Bring your lunch to the Center for Graduate Life, meet fellow TAs, and improve your teaching skills at the same time. This is an opportunity to ask your questions, voice your concerns, and share your experiences.